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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fulfillment center?

It is a place where you can send your inventory and they will fulfill customer orders placed through an ecommerce stores (Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc) or wholesale orders to big retailers. The fulfillment center will store and manage inventory, ship orders directly to the customers or retailers, process returns, make kitting or subscription boxes per your request. You will be able to sync up all your e-commerce platforms to the fulfillment center OMS (Order Management System) so every order can be processed automatically. 


Do I need fulfillment?

If you want to save money on renting the warehouse, hiring a lot of people to manage your online sales – it’s definitely for you. Using fulfillment has many benefits, such as reduced operating cost, lower shipping rates, streamlined order fulfillment process and the main advantage is you can focus on design, marketing and selling your products. 


Where do you ship from?

Our warehouse is located in Wood Dale, IL. It allows us quickly access all major transportation corridors to move your product fast and secure.


Do you have more secure areas for high value items?

We do have specific areas for luxury, high value items. They are locked and restricted to the most employees.


Can I track my shipments, and do I have access to customers’ orders?

We will create OMS (Order Management System) account for you where you are able to see all the tracking information and order details for each customer.


Can I integrate my online sales channels to warehouse software?

You can integrate more then 200 different marketplaces to your OMS account. System will send us all orders automatically, it will help you to save your time – no more manually uploading and creating spreadsheets. You will not need to worry about your E-commerce sales anymore!


Which marketplaces you can integrate with?

Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Wayfair, Shopify, Facebook, Groupon and any others you can think of. Total up to 200 different platforms.


Do you work with bulk shipments?

Yes, we do! It can be pallets or multiple boxes.


How do I send products to your facility?

Please let us know when you are planning to send your product and what is estimated delivery time. Also provide our team with a packing slip outlining what is in your shipment. The packing slip should include the associated SKUs, quantities and expiration dates if applicable. In addition, we do require scannable UPC barcodes on each individual unit. If your merchandise arrives to our facility not properly barcoded, we can label it for you – just ask for a quote.


How much do you charge?

We only charge for the services you need, services you are using. We can give you full list of services and you decide what’s good fit for you. 


How do I send you my orders?

You can do it manually with uploading a spreadsheet or we can integrate your selling platforms and your orders will come directly from the customer to our warehouse.


What are my shipping options?

You can ship under your carrier or freight account, but you will need to provide us with labels and other shipping information.
Or you can ship with our carrier and freight accounts, we do all the work, let you use our discounted rates but handling fee will be applied.


Can I use my own packaging for shipping?

You absolutely can! We can even help you to design your unique packaging for your product specific features.


Are you accepting returns, and can you inspect my product after return?

We can process returns for your customer orders, we offer option of product quality control as well, it will help you to decide if product is ready to use, need to be repacked or not usable and need to be disposed.


What is the shipping cut off time daily or how soon you can ship my orders?

All orders received before 12pm Central time will be shipped the same day, all orders received after 12pm will be shipped next business day.


Do fulfillment companies have restrictions on the volume?

No, we do not have any minimum or maximum order volume requirements. We work with merchants of all sizes, from startups to multi-channel sellers.


What type of additional services do you offer?

We offer wide variety of additional services including kitting / light assembly, packaging, subscription boxes and quality control projects. We also have equpment for heavy machinery handling. 


Do you require barcode on each unit?

Yes, we do require scannable barcodes on each of your individual units. If your items arrive at our warehouse without scannable barcodes, we can label them for you. Cost will be quoted upon request.