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Co-Packing Services

Welcome to our co-packing services, where we offer a range of solutions to optimize your packaging processes. Explore Our Partnerships Now!

How can we help?

  • Automated powder or liquid filling
  • Packaging of dietary supplements
  • Packaging for food and non-food Items
  • Cartooning services and repackaging Solutions
  • Club packaging services
  • Automatic shrink sleeving with heat tunnel
  • Manual assembly services
  • Assembly of POP displays
  • Various secondary packaging options
  • Kitting and labeling

Additional Services

  • OMS account for inventory tracking and order processing
  • E-commerce order fulfillment services with integration to market places like Amazon, Shopify, Ebay and more
  • 3PL Distribution solutions for big retail stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, Aldi, Burlington, etc
  • Packaging material sourcing
  • Quality control and inspection services
  • Project management
  • Third-party logistics support

Packaging Solutions for Your Success

GTH Fulfillment has exceptional partners, including a leading packaging machinery company. Their diverse range of packaging machines can significantly reduce labor costs. Remember, outsourcing can accelerate your projects and definitely lower their costs. Our facility is SQF licensed with a 98% excellent score, FDA registered, and has undergone a Costco audit by Intertek with a perfect 100% score. As members of the Contract Packaging Association, we demonstrate our commitment to industry standards and best practices.